Restaurant Technologies

Ticket Tracker Project

This is a project completed for my final presentation at Centriq Training. I wanted to model it more or less after something that I imagined to be more useful in a real world scenario. I previously worked for a company where a ticket tracker would have come in very handy on a day to day basis. I made it my goal to make the system that I could only wish I'd had when I worked there. Basically, the paperwork was endless. Between timesheets, customer details sheets for every service call scheduled throughout the day, and the paperwork required to be filled out at every call, it was almost impossible to keep everything organized.

I'll admit, with the timeframe of this project, there were a few things that I was hoping to implement that I didn't have the time for. I wanted to implement a timesheet system, that sent an email directly to the manager with timestamps for everything completed throughout the day. There are a few other things I plan on implementing in the future, but as a starting point, I'm very satisfied with the project as it sits now.

Project Requirements

Manage Departments: only available to admin users Index view should show all departments CRUD functionality (Soft Delete) Upon inserting or editing the department, users are taken to the index view with all active departments

Manage Employees: only available to admin users index view should be set to only active employees, but be filterable to inactive employees CRUD functionality (Soft Delete) Upon inserting or editing the employee they are taken to the index view with all active employees

Support Tickets: index view should be set to only “open” (pending & In Process) requests Anonymous users can only view master-detail read-only mode If logged in, can insert new request (but may not edit) Authenticated users should be able to filter between either Open (Pending or In Process) and Resolved Requests If logged in as an Administrator or Tech, users should be able to access edit functionality in detail view and toggle status between Resolved and In Process from master view Upon completing the new request (or clicking button to see Open requests) they are taken to the master view with all open requests CRUD functionality (Soft Delete)

All NEW Support requests should: Be in Pending Status automatically. (No user activity/selection) Have a null closed date Should NOT be able to see the Tech Notes field Allow for null tech id in the creation The only viewable fields for Authenticated NON ADMIN users should be the RequestingEmployee and Requestor Notes.

Notes: BASIC Requirements should be fulfilled BEFORE any additional functionality is added jQuery DatePicker controls should be used for any dates that are not automatically added All non-PK ID selections for Inserting and Updating should be done with DropDown lists Notes fields will need to be converted to Multi line text boxes All required fields should be validated